Lawrencefield – Oh my climbing god! It didn’t rain.

Shock… horror, after 7 cancelled evening or damp squibs we actually got a decent night out climbing. A few people had snatched a climb here or there at Windgather, Birchen and Roaches but Tuesday was dry, warm and delightful.  BuxtonMC sure made the best of it with 18-20 club members out climbing (+3 dogs).

Out in Force on Gingerbread slabs, all BuxtonMC

Virtually everything on Gingerbread slab was climbed.



3 tree climb and pulpit groove saw some action too.

Ann and Simon and 3 tree with Dec and Andy Waiting. Sue and Dick on Pulpit groove

Of note tonight was Chris C leading for the first time this year, Gemma climbing on a top rope placing gear as practice and David R (seconded by Chris C) climbing into the darkness on Lawrencefield Ordinary.


David R and Chris C on Lawrencefield Ordinary

The main highlight though was just the number of people out enjoying the sun and the number of routes that got climbed… a cracking night out for all. The walking contingent walked from Surprise view to Longshaw estate and back taking in a Owler Tor and Padley Gorge… not too warm but dry, clear and thoroughly enjoyable. Long may the kind weather continue

“not another route….”



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