Winter Adventures

After missing out on the Wildboar Clough adventure the day before I wasn’t prepared to miss out again. So with J, Rob and Alan we headed up to Crowden Clough, meeting at the parking at 4ish.

Tooling up


After an uneventful though moist walk up we arrived at a formed if not awe inspiring icefall as dark struck










With Alan leading we all headed up. It wasn’t Rjukan, the ice was slushy in places, breaking off or non-existant in others. Just as we thought the fun was over the ice continued. Alan tested the waterproof-ness of his boots and trousers by breaking through the ice, we saw what must have been a very cold mouse and then had a traditional grit stone thug-out finish.


Only at the top did we realise we hadn’t actually planned a descent but made our way to Jacobs ladder (after a little confusion) and walked back down.

On the way down

All in all a great mini adventure after work…. you cant do this if you live in London can you.




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