Bishops Castle by Les and Dell

April’s weekend meet saw us at Bishop’s Castle on the Welsh Borders staying at Broughton Bunkhouse. 12 club members couldn’t believe their luck with a warm sunny weekend. Definitely sun cream time for the first time this year!

short break
Walks included the Stiper Stones, the Longmynd, a section of the Offa’s Dyke, Corndon Hill and Mitchell’s Fold stone circle with some folk joining them all together by bike. Nor all came back in one piece- Adrian, ever the hero, managed to cycle back to the Bunkhouse despite meeting the ground via the handlebars at one point and he has the scars to prove it. 🙁

Then again at least he was cycling in the right area, unlike some who seem to think that the cycle routes at Cannock Chase are a sensible way to drive to Bishop’s Castle on the way on Friday… although Paul and Derek (who else?) did repair a broken chain for some poor soul in passing while they were there.

A good weekend enjoyed by all- and it didn’t rain until we’d left! Now there’s a rarity

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