What do you call a group of climbers? – Stanage

A troop, a gaggle, a rope of climbers?….. Who knows, but whatever it is I need the term to describe Tuesday at Stanage. By my own reckoning, trying to remember the teams climbing together we had 30 people out climbing . I’ve been in the club 14 years now and can’t remember ever having that number out on one evening at one crag.

There was an element of almost tripping over each other but it worked as it was Stanage….. If it got crazy busy you only have to walk 50m in each direction and you are at clear rock. At one point I looked down to see a melee of club members below me then looked over at popular end car park to see only 5 cars!…. Yes you read it right 5 cars at popular end on a sunny ­čî× Tuesday evening it was like some weird parallel universe.

saff paradise wall
Saffra on ‘the move’ on the Arete By Emma Jo

There was a real mix of the old guard (sorry Steve that’s you, despite your knowledge of modern youth dance culture), established members (Karl, me,Saffra, Alison and Stuart to name but a few) and even three people joining us for the first time.

Paradise Crack and Paradise Wall were popular, Sand Crack and Paradise Arete also saw some action. To be honest too much was climbed to mention it all but everyone was enjoying the good weather… climbing till the sun went down and then across to the Anglers rest in Bamford, sadly arriving too late for Pizza

Paradise Wall
Sundowner by Jo

The walking group numbering at least 10  split into two with one group completing the circuit from the Plantation to Crow Chin by following the paths below the road. A very interesting route worth exploring more thoroughly.

Stanage view
Contributed by Andy B
blue bells
Blue Bells by Andy B

A great night, thanks everyone… hope you all enjoyed it.

Fingers crossed for the Roaches

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