Stanage , Manchester Buttress

Tuesday 24th July saw the club heading to Stanage again, this time to Manchester Buttress area at Popular end. With 4 members still in France we still managed a good turnout to climbing and  had 4 in the walking group.

As would be expected Derek (fresh from the Ecrins granite), Chris, Brid, David, Ann and Simon all managed to climb Manchester Buttress. All doing the traverse in slightly different fashions

Anne seconding Manchester Buttress


Anatomy and Physiology were all pretty popular as was Black Hawk Hell Crack

Chris on Black Hawk Hell Crack (S4a)
Jo on Black Hawk Hell Crack (S4a)

Tim climbed both Gargoyle Buttress (VS 4b) and Lancashire Wall (HVS-) but unfortunately I was belaying both of those so no photographic evidence. Simon on the other hand went for Gargoyle variant (HS 4b) and Tinkers Crack (VS 4c).


Gemma taking her own path while seconding Simon on Tinkers Crack. David on Physiology

David led Black Hawk Traverse Left (VD) while Jo led the tricky Black Hawk (HS 4c) seconded by William and Stuart,

Jo getting acquainted with the underside of the flake

First time attendee Kate managed to second 2-3 routes, enjoying a late night of freedom while child free. Hopefully she will return….she couldn’t have got a better introduction than a warm, midge free evening at a fairly deserted Stanage.

Karl, Steve and Dan headed off right to do some routes in that direction and Hattie got bored and took herself off to to see what was happening in the carpark.


The walking group of the Alps fit, Wendy, Daryl and Alison… plus Andy  set out from Hook’s car Car Park and enjoyed a short scramble up a descent route somewhere north of Robin Hood’s Balcony before heading south to inspect the climbers. They then visited Burbage North and Higgar Tor before returning to Stanage.

Andy Walk

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