Crazy English Summer – By Tim

Keen to make the most of the balmy or was it barmy summer weather a few hardy souls decided to head out to New Mills Torr for a rather unusual February Tuesday evening meet.

Well it certainly was a nice change to another indoor session at rope race or the substation.

Saffra & Simon took on Alcove Crack, Flake Crack.  Meanwhile after a quick warmup on Deception to Original Route Mark, Bec & Tim set their sights on the chossy delights of Deception.

As the light started to fail we all moved onto the bridge, Mark pulling out a decent lead inside & Simon on the outside, then it was headtorches on, a lot of floundering in the dark – my first time on the bridge & 1st with a torch, turns out both are tougher than I’d hoped.


Anyway, it might be a stretch to call it fun, but it made for some great photos



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