The Year So Far

So the news updates have been a bit lacking this season so far therefore a quick update is due after the first few meets.

The fine conditions continued and we got some good meets in. This season has seen decent numbers climbing at pretty much all the club meets with a handful of new people turning up.





Birchens, Roaches Lower and Lawrencefield have stood out for me as being meets where 15+ BuxtonMC members were climbing doing everything from Diffs to HVS (with mixed levels of success). A few years ago there was sometimes a risk of arriving at a crag and only having 3-4 members of the club there but now we always have a good show.

Even at Millstone where the weather looked menacing all afternoon 6 members risked it and had a great evening while others were climbing more locally to Buxton.



We have a had a few wet meets called off recently but now the nights are getting shorter (it’ll soon be Christmas) I’m looking forward to a string of good Tuesdays to keep things going.

2 thoughts on “The Year So Far”

  1. Thanks Ross, good to read that Tuesday climbing meets are thriving, one request: is it possible to accompany the photos with where when and who, please?


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