If you don’t go, You don’t know….. By James

After 3 nights skiing – I couldn’t find Kirsten’s Wall of Death, more details please Adrian. I went searching for weekend partners. A barrage of excuses followed (its my birthday so I can’t come out – feeble!) but fortunately Stu was keen.
A leisurely 9 am start at Barber Booth and we were heading up Crowden Clough. It didn’t look good. But low and behold a short ice pitch right at the very top was our reward.
We decided to head across the plateau to the Downfall just to put our minds at rest and confirm it wasn’t frozen before heading over to our back up plan.
Well we head a pleasant surprise when we got there, certainly complete and no other climbers. A quick sandwich and we were gearing up at the base.
After that it was simply pure joy straight up an icy staircase to the icicle, a not big enough sling runner, then traverse on good ice and some ball bearings and up the chimney corner to finish, a long held dream realised.
We walked back in the fading twilight. Bum slides down a snow covered Jacob’s Ladder are a lot better than the summer slog. A super day, super route, super company.
Kinder 4
P.S. A cold sunny Saturday afternoon with no other climbers about is definitely a better time to make an attempt than queuing for hours in the middle of a mild Thursday night when most of the first half of the route has already fallen down.
Photos by Stuart

1 thought on “If you don’t go, You don’t know….. By James”

  1. Great job on the blog and photos, James! I am glad you finally had a chance to do it. I hope my excuse did not count as “feeble”. It’s just the lack of cramposn in sizes for 10 years olds, really….


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